Meet the maker.


Kari Morris knew she wanted to create something tangible, tasty, well packaged, and useful. She found it in the simplicity and sweetness of ginger syrup. What started as a straight forward concept to share good food became the foundation for Morris Kitchen. 

Over time, the brand has expanded. Folks across the world are sampling Morris Kitchen goods and finding inventive recipes to showcase them.  Kari showed us how they really shine in cocktails. She shook glasses of a frothy rum and ginger syrup mixture speckled with sea salt which looked as beautiful as they tasted.

Kari's education in art taught her that the cycle of creating, making mistakes, learning from those past attempts, and starting over again is the process from which greatness comes. In teaching, as in cooking, there is no perfect science. Kari uses her platform to spread the message of good food eaten in good company, drizzled with syrup, of course.